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Here are links to other sites that may be of interest to other photographers:


  • Martin Bailey
    Martin's an Englishman in Japan. He's based in Tokyo, his nature photography work is wonderful, and his photography blog, podcast, and forums are very popular.
    Martin and I are currently collaborating on several projects.
  • Blue Sky Photography
    Glenn Guy is a Melbourne-based photographer and educator I have worked with for several years. His blog contains useful reading for student photographers!
  • Pele Leung Photography
    Pele is another Melbourne photographer friend. We have collaborated on several projects so far.
  • Luminous Landscape
    Michael Reichmann's site contains lots of interesting reading: about gear, technique, and outdoor photography in general.

Suppliers I recommend

Local photo gear suppliers have a lot of competition these days. I recommend these suppliers from personal experience. Even from Australia on the other side of the globe, these suppliers' mail-order service is great.

  • Outdoor Photo Gear
    A great US photo supplier who's name gives you some clue as to what they specialise in!
  • B&H
    A huge photography store in NY, USA. I have bought items from B&H for many years.
    Note: the above link is part of B&H's affiliate program. Purchases made after following the link will earn this site a small commission at no cost to you.